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Writing it Down

By Guest Blogger: Kimberly McLeod


I’ve been writing and recording events and details in my world for a long time now, over 25 years. My writings started as teenage angst, cries to God over what seems so trivial now. But to a 16 year old, these were thoughts and heartaches over huge disappointments.

My words landed in journals and matured over the years, and I began recording college happenings, prayers for more of God, questions of “where are you God?” and “what should I do God?” Parenting and marriage questions filled the pages as well as grief from losing my father too soon. This writing was healing, as if it made things more real, safer. It was a release. My head gets very full, very fast and journals have always been a safe space to store the thoughts so my brain didn’t seem to swollen.

I have them all, all the journals from all the years. All the words, all the pages. I have them all. The words changed as I grew. They changed me. They were very one sided in the beginning-just my ramblings to heaven, but as I came to know my Savior and the great Helper more, they became conversations back and forth, my requests, concerns and questions, His reply and comfort, then my breath of praise back.

In 2010, I met a woman, Regina Williams, that seemed to love journaling as much as I did. But her writing seemed more intentional, more focused. It was topical with divided sections in a binder labeled with her family, her children, her work, her needs. her praises. She became my mentor, and if she journaled like this then I knew I should pay attention. All her prayers for her sons and her husband in one section, so easy to find again, to review and see the hand of God woven through her writing. I began to journal this way and years later I created my own journal that aids with intention. - ​The Words Journal by WordsJournal on Etsy

Recently, I’ve been reading back through my journal sections on Prayer and Study from the past year. It has been a blessing yet also very humbling: A blessing because I can see God’s faithfulness and his hand woven through all my many prayers and circumstances throughout the year. But also humbling because there are still areas of my life that haven’t changed, still places that lack faith, still spots in me that need more pruning, still hurts that need healing. It’ causing me to focus, to pay attention to what God has spoken into me the last year. Because I wrote these words down, I know where I was and I know where I want to go.

Habakkuk 2:2 states “Write down the those who read it may run.”

Writing has saved my life. It has given me a space to record and release and remember.

“Remember what you received and heard, Keep it and repent.” Revelation 3:3

What is God doing in your life right now? Write it down! What a gift to go back and see what He’s done, what you have done in response to him, what you need to do now!! His children have been recording his words for centuries. Why would we ever stop? The vision is written so those who read it can brings encouragement, validation, confidence, repentance, intention.

What a gift writing has been to me. Thank you, Regina, for showing me how to write more intentionally and with greater purpose.

You can record your words with great intention using the ​Words Journal by WordsJournal on Etsy

You can read some of my good words at ​What a Good Word! – This is a place to share words that inspire and ...

You can read more about Regina’s mentoring ministry and the story of how her life impacted mine here:​

Thanks and Happy Writing!

Kimberly McLeod


H2O Ministries would like to encourage you to take some time to check out Kimberly's blog-site, What a Good Word! As you do you will come to know her love for journaling and love for words is rooted in her deep passion & love for her Heavenly Father and His Truth! The Words Journal is the perfect journal with tabs you can personalize and a pocket in the back for those extra pieces of paper you want to save. A lot of love and attention to detail has gone into this journal. As we are in the midst of the Christmas season I believe this would be the perfect gift for all who love to journal or those who are wanting to start. Thank you so much Kimberly for sharing your love of journaling through the years and the benefits of writing down your daily relationship with your Heavenly Father!

~The H2O Team

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