A friend told me a story the other day that I would like to share with you. She said that a while ago her phone kept losing its battery charge several times a day. She was so confused and frustrated. She didn’t understand, because she was charging her phone to FULL all of the time. When she took it to the "communication experts" they asked her, “Are you daily closing the apps that you are opening throughout the day?” She said, “NO, I don't know what you are talking about?" You see, she didn’t know what was draining her battery, because she wasn't instructed that daily you need to close the apps that you have opened throughout the day. Because she did not know this, almost ALL of her apps were running daily in the background of her phone, without her awareness of how it was draining her battery. Once she identified what apps were open, and had been instructed on how to close them, her battery remained charged for the entire day. Communication RESTORED!

This visual of what happens in the physical realm with our communication devices, is a great reminder of what can happen in the spiritual realm of our lives. It is a reminder that daily we all need to intentionally identify what is physically, emotionally and spiritually draining our lives of heavenly peace, love, joy, and abundance. We need to identify what “apps” in our lives are OPEN that need to be CLOSED for good? We need to ask ourselves, what apps ALWAYS seem to be open that are robbing me of life? Is it shame, unworthiness, past sins, arguments, traumas, unforgiveness, bitterness, unrest, distrust, division, anger, offenses, burdens…??? What is keeping you from running on a FULL BATTERY?

You may in fact be spiritually recharging your battery daily, by spending quality time with your Heavenly Father, but have noticed that after your quiet time with him you never feel completely renewed, refreshed or full. What that tells me is that the next time you spend time with your own "communication experts," Yahweh and Jesus, you need to ask them to shed light on the apps, the DOORS, that you currently have open, or that you keep opening day after day after day, that need to be closed FOREVER!!! Please don’t wait another day without discovering what is “ON” behind the scenes in your own life. Then let Jesus teach you, instruct you, first hand on how to close those doors! Trust me…you want to have bountiful communication with your Heavenly Father, with absolutely nothing draining you, so that you too can experience the FULL LIFE that is meant for you!

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.