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Wanna Go off-roading with me?

By Judy Jacobson

"What I discovered at the end of the road was simply beautiful and breath taking!"- jj


One night I dreamed that I was riding a bike down a country road. There was a woman riding on a bike alongside me, who I know to be the Holy Spirit. I knew that if I continued to ride straight down the road I was on, it would take me back to my house. Instead of continuing down this same road that I had traveled so often, I decided to take a right turn down a gravel road I had never traveled before. After traveling down this road for a while, I noticed that it seemed like we were in the middle of nowhere. Soon after we came upon a community of structured houses and streets. The pure white streets are the first thing that I noticed. They were laid out in a perfect grid. I then noticed how neat, clean, and orderly this community was. The grass around each house was healthy, lush and bright green. Each home in this community was a two-story house in the shape of a perfect cube. The walls and roofs of each house were constructed out of deep blue transparent glass. They were beautiful! I knew the houses were built for poor people who previously had no homes. I looked into one of the homes as I was passing by on my bike. I saw a Hispanic family on the bottom floor of the house, which I knew consisted of a family room and kitchen. I could also see that two bedrooms were located on the upper floor. The entire family looked very happy and at peace!

When I woke up from this dream I pondered with God why the houses were in the shape of cubes. He quickly reminded me that there are two things in the Bible that are described as perfect cubes: the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle, where the Presence of God dwelled over the Ark of the Covenant; and the New City of Jerusalem in the New Heaven and New Earth, where God will finally physically dwell with his people for eternity. So I knew that this entire community represented entire families daily “Walking in the Spirit.” It was as if they had decided long ago that they could not live life without entering into God’s Presence daily into the Holy of Holies, into HIS throne room, in order to hear and see HIS voice, and gather their daily manna of profound insight and majestic wisdom. As a result, the entire community was living an idyllic life. The walls of the houses were transparent glass because it was transparent that the living waters of the Holy Spirit was flowing through the lives of these families.

I also knew why God used a Hispanic family in my dream. I know that many Hispanics come to our country in order to get away from extreme oppression, poverty, war, drugs, and corrupt governments. They travel to a new country, a foreign land, in search of peace, freedom, joy, liberty, work, and a prosperous life. What the Hispanics in my dream represent are Christians who obtain those same things when they enter into God’s Presence daily and start “Walking in the Spirit”in their daily lives. In my dream, the road to get to this community was not paved. It was a gravel road, which means that it was not a main thoroughfare where many Christians travel. In my dream I didn’t even know this community existed, until I just happened upon it. What God wants all of his children to know is that this kind of living does exist! This is the kind of life that your Heavenly Father has to offer you if you will just take time to meet with HIM to gather your daily manna, your daily revelation.

The biblical meanings of the main colors in my dream:

WHITE: Purity, Cleanliness, Righteousness

GREEN: Growth, Prosperity, Rest

DEEP BLUE: Peace that passes all understanding because of the Living Waters of the Holy Spirit flowing through your life!

After pondering on my dream with God, HE said...

Wanna go off-roading with me?

The road I took in my dream to get to this idyllic community was gravel, which means my ride was bumpy, considering I was on a bike. But what I discovered at the end of the road was simply beautiful and breath taking. So what I believe God is asking all of us to do is to get off the man-made paved road that we are currently traveling, remove our limitations on where God is allowed to take us, and decide to go down a different road with HIM. Through God's Holy Spirit within you, he wants to take you down a road that you may have never traveled before. He wants to take you into possibly uncharted territories of true intimacy and communication with HIM. So what do you have to lose? I can tell you from experience what you will lose, if you allow God to take you to this new place into the Holy of Holies, into HIS majestic Presence is everything that is currently miserable in your life. So start your off-roading adventure today. Enter into God's presence daily to receive your daily manna, insight, direction, and revelations. Start "Walking in the Spirit" and see how God transforms your life, and the lives of those around you.

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