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Stepping Stones

By Guest Blogger: Natali Lochotzki -

There have been many stepping stones leading me to where I am today. That is believing the Lord wants and seeks an intimate relationship with all believers. He wants to speak to us and for us to obey.

It has taken me a long time to get to where I am today. I was raised in a Christian household with Christian teachings. I was baptized by water and saved as a child. But I had no idea I would be able to hear the Lord speak for myself. It was not what I was taught. When I finally believed this truth was when my life changed forever.

I have always been overweight. I have tried dieting most of my life but they never worked. I always had a voice telling me “You can’t do this”, “This one will be another failure like the rest” and “Just accept it, you will always be fat”. I believed the enemy’s lies. I needed help and the Lord sent it in the form of my sister Lisa.

My sister started Hands on Healing Ministries with two of her friends about 6 years ago. That is the first time I had heard that someone like me could hear the voice of God. I thought, “That is awesome but I’m not that special” and “Why would He talk to me?” Over time I had a couple Prayer Sessions with Hands on Healing Ministries and decided to attend their God Said Gathering last year. I wanted to learn more about how to hear God’s voice and all the ways He speaks. I had a little spark of hope start in me, that maybe I could hear Him too.

I started to document my dreams and Lisa would help me interpret them. God was speaking to me and I was listening! A few months later God gave Lisa some Words for me. We met for lunch to go over everything. She laid hands on me and prayed for me to be healed from tragedies that happened in my past. We realized I was holding onto a lot of guilt and shame and that is why I was stuck and why I felt I couldn’t or shouldn’t move forward. That day she also prayed for me to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit! On the way home I felt so free! It was like a thousand pound weight had been lifted off my chest and I could finally breath! I wanted to laugh, cry, praise God and dance all at the same time.

However, all this quickly changed. I now realize it was because I was not implementing my Spirit to Spirit time (listening to God and obeying). I felt like I was under attack. I went into a dark depression for months. I felt alone and lost. One night I was lying in bed sobbing and I cried out loud to God, “Please help me, I can’t do this without You!” And He answered me! I heard Him clearly say, “I’ve got you, don’t worry!” and for the first time I believed Him!

My belief has saved me! God has saved me! It has completely transformed my life. I am so much happier in everything; my marriage, my family, my work, my daily life and my weight is coming off!

When I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit I said I felt like a thousand pound weight had been lifted and literally the weight is coming off! When I started to do my Spirit to Spirit time regularly is when I was finally free. God has given me the drive to do something about my weight. I changed how I was eating and started exercising. My husband and I go to different parks most weekends and I walk, hike, explore and take pictures. During the week my sister and I meet to workout. I am finally living my life to the fullest!

One night I asked God, “What’s different, why is this working after all this time?” God said, “You finally believed me!” I was finally listening and obeying Gods voice. I have lost 105 pounds so far and I will continue!

There have been periods of time where I have slacked off with my Spirit to Spirit time and I have noticed I stop losing weight. Even when I’m still working out, eating right, and working hard toward the physical goal, only to realize I’m slacking on my Spiritual health; my relationship with God. He has told me “If you do your part, I will do mine.” When I stop allowing Him to do his part within me is when I start to fail. If you seek Him and want to hear His voice He will answer! It may be through dreams, visions, little signs or your pen; but He will always answer you! It hasn't necessarily been an easy journey but the stepping stones have been laid and I have to choose to follow His path.

The following verse is one God has given me and a verse I live by!

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and hidden things you have not known. Jeremiah 33:3

Natali Now & Natali Then


A big thank you to my sister, Natali Lochotzki, for going out of her comfort zone and sharing her very encouraging and inspirational testimony with us! After reading her story you now know why this one is so near and dear to my heart. This is Natali's current testimony as she continues to live each day dependent upon her Heavenly Father. Her life continues to be transformed and is one that reveals how transformation starts on the inside. I am so very proud of my sister and am so happy that she is now experiencing God's transforming voice for herself and allowing God to do His part as she does her part! I love you more than words can say and am so very proud of you!!

~ The H2O Team

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