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Righteous's a good thing!

I was tired of limping through life with my lukewarm faith. I wanted a solid faith in my Creator like my neighbors and co-worker exhibited. I was jealous of what they had!

Recently, God had me pondering on what I call “righteous jealousy!” You might ask, “Is there really such a thing?” In my own experiences, I know that there is. Let me share a few of them with you.

Age 33

JEALOUSY: I was tired of limping through life with my lukewarm faith (Revelation 3:16). I wanted a solid faith in my Creator like my neighbors and co-worker exhibited. I was jealous of what they had.

ACTION: So one night I prayed for an hour straight, crying, asking, and begging God for a sign that he existed and that he cared for me and my family, so that I too could start my journey of having a solid faith.

RESULT: The very next day God spoke to me very clearly through a very personal encounter. For the first time ever, my Creator convinced me without a doubt that he existed and cared deeply for me and my family. Soon after this encounter, I surrendered my life wholly to Jesus Christ. My personal encounter, with the one and only Living God, began a very personal and intimate relationship of hearing and seeing my Creator’s and Heavenly Father’s voice, which in turn has solidified my faith.

Age 45

JEALOUSY: A few years ago I was jealous after I read a book about Joan Hunter, who has the spiritual gift of healing. After I finished reading this book I thought “Joan has a gift, I want a gift.” (1 Corinthians 12:1-11)

ACTION: So on that very night, while lying in bed, I extending both of my arms towards heaven and, with my entire being, I told God, “I want Everything the Holy Spirit has to offer me.” I told him, “Don’t hold back!” I had no agenda in mind of what I wanted to receive. I just knew that I wanted everything that God had to offer me, so that I too, like Joan, could start using my own spiritual gifts for God’s kingdom.

RESULT: That very night I was baptized with the Holy Spirit and with Fire as described in Acts 1:8 and Acts 2. On that night I was given Power, Wisdom, Anointing, and Boldness. And over the next three weeks God downloaded upon me information about his divine name, Yahweh, and communication with him that I had previously known nothing about. God then asked me to write a book about all he was teaching me titled, “Encountering the Great I Am: With His Name Comes Everything!” This was truly a personal gift, given to me from my Heavenly Father.

Age 48

JEALOUSY: I was jealous that God was using some of his children to heal the physically and spiritually sick through miracles, signs and wonders.

ACTION: Therefore, I prayed for the gift of healing and miracles (1 Corinthians 12:9-10). I then stepped out of my comfort zone and, in faith, started laying hands on the sick and praying for spiritual and physical healing.

RESULT: As a result of me and two friends, Rachel and Lisa, stepping out in faith, God started a “Hands on Healing” prayer ministry through us. Now spiritual and physical miracles, signs, and wonders regularly follow our ministry.

Age 49

JEALOUSY: I was jealous of my friend Lisa’s ability to hear God’s voice so clearly. I wanted to hear God's voice like she did, so that I could receive my daily bread, insight, revelation and instructions from God.

ACTION: Therefore, I prayed for God to give me the gift of prophecy (1 Corinthians 12:10, 14:1,3,5,39). I then practiced, for hours and hours, being still in God’s presence, listening for his still small voice.

RESULT: With time, God’s voice became very loud and clear through words of knowledge and wisdom. I now regularly receive insight, revelation and instructions from my Heavenly Father. As a result of hearing God’s voice daily, my life has become exciting and abundant. No longer is my faith lukewarm. I feel like my faith has been set on fire. And now our Hands on Healing Ministry teaches other believer's the “How To’s” of seeing and hearing God’s majestic voice through dreams, visions, prophecy, words of knowledge, so that they too can start living abundantly and thriving!

Age 50

JEALOUSY: I truly desired the gift of speaking in tongues (1 Corinthians 12:10, 14:2,4,5,39), so that I too could reap the benefits of this precious gift from heaven.

ACTION: Therefore, I prayed to receive the gift of tongues. God said, “You already have it.” I said, “No I don’t.” He said, “Yes you do.” God helped me to understand that I received this gift on the day I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit when I asked for “Everything the Holy Spirit had to offer me”. I didn’t know that I had received the gift of tongues, because it had not yet manifested itself. So I just started opening my mouth and uttering what the Spirit gave me to speak (Acts 2:4). I practiced speaking in tongues with God often. Over time my “Spirit Language” fully developed.

RESULT: God now asks me regularly to pray for others in my Spirit Language. I know with confidence that whenever I pray in my Spirit Language that I am praying God’s perfect WILL for each and every person, in every circumstance. That is one of the benefits of having the gift of tongues.

You see jealousy IS considered righteous, when it results in an action of giving your best to God. The things I was jealous for and wanted were things of God. If I had done nothing with my jealousy, and just remained jealous, bitter, or unhappy, because others were spiritually thriving, then my jealousy would not have be considered righteous. However, since I acted upon my jealousy through prayer, by sacrificing my time and effort, and by positioning myself to receive what I was jealous for, in time, I received from God exactly what I asked him for.

So ask yourself today, “What am I jealous for? What do others have that I've always wished I had? What are the desires of my heart?” Do you want a healthy marriage, financial freedom, a restored relationship with an estranged family member or friend, peace that passes all understanding, love, overwhelming joy, gifts of the Holy Spirit? Do you want to learn how to hear and see God’s voice so that you too can start living abundantly? Once you know in your heart what you are jealous for, then decide to act righteously upon it.

Determine, with God guiding you, what actions you need to take in order to receive the desires of your heart, instead of just being jealous of others for jealousy sake. Spend time with God determining what it is that may be keeping you from receiving what you desire, and then agree to resolve those issues with God’s insight and direction. Remember, you will most likely have to step out in faith, and out of your comfort zone, in order to receive what you are most jealous for. God may ask you to do something that you don’t necessarily want to do. But also know, when you listen to God's voice and obey his instructions, the rewards and results will be, literally, from out of this world.

So do it today!

Well, now you know … jealousy can be a good thing … that is if you act upon your jealousy RIGHTEOUSLY!

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