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Last week God brought these series of dreams that I had in February 2015 back to my attention. They concern the United States of America. At the time I didn't understand what chaos was coming upon America, but I do now!!! I copied exactly what I wrote over 5 years ago for your view.


Over the last few weeks, Yahweh has been speaking to me through dreams and words about the United States of America. He has made it very clear to me that he is GREATLY concerned about our homeland, and rightly so.

In the first dream that God gave me about the United States I knew that I was being given a bird’s eye view of the affairs of our nation. In the last part of my dream I was inside a home looking through the windows, when I saw a gigantic map of the United States in the sky. The map was like a child’s puzzle, with the states all colored differently. This gigantic map was moving in the sky from RIGHT to the LEFT. I immediately went outside to look to see what was going on. By the time I made it outdoors, the map of the United States was GONE. In its place were stormy skies. I said, “Wow … it is amazing how QUICKLY the skies changed.”

When I first saw the map in the sky, while I was still indoors, there was nothing but blue skies. By the time I had gotten outdoors, which was only minutes later, the skies were stormy, and the United States was gone. I knew that whenever something moves to the right in a dream, that it represents something positive. In my dream the United States was moving to the FAR LEFT out of my VIEW. So I knew what God was showing me was not good for our nation.

A few weeks later, God gave me a dream immediately after I asked him, What do you want me to know today?” In my dream I was looking at a picnic basket decorated in red, white and blue colors. As I was looking at this picnic basket I was saying, “Some things are just...” when all of a sudden the word, “unexplainable” appeared written on the outside of the picnic basket. I started repeating over and over, “Some things are just unexplainable,” to the friend in my dream. I asked her if she could see the word on the basket. My friend could not see the word “unexplainable,” like I could. Upon waking I thought of the picnic basket as representing the picnics that take place during the Fourth of July, a day that we celebrate every year our INDEPENDENCE from Britain’s oppression.

Shortly after the picnic basket dream, God led me to a website that sold survival food called, “Food 4 Patriots.” The red, white and blue logo just happened to look exactly like the outside of the picnic basket that I dreamed about just nights before. I was stunned. I started thinking what would happen to our food supply in the event of a major catastrophe in the United States. The chaos that would result because of a food shortage would definitely be described as, “unexplainable!” I started wondering if God was warning me to stock up on food, so that in case of an emergency we would be prepared.

Then one day, shortly after, as I was watching the news, I asked God, “What’s on your mind Lord?” As soon as I finished my sentence the announcer said, “Red, White, and Blue.” I immediately knew that what was on God’s mind on that day, once again, was the United States of America.

With all of these references from Yahweh concerning the United States of America, I needed to know exactly what he wanted me to know about our future, as I was starting to get worried. The first thing God instructed me to do was to write down the spiritual meaning of the colors RED, WHITE, and BLUE in both a positive and negative sense.


Red- Power, Wisdom, Anointing

White- Spirit of the Lord, Holy Power

Blue- Revelation, Communion


Red- Anger, War, Rebellion

White- Religious Spirit, Spirit of the world

Blue- Depression, Sorrow, Anxiety

He then impressed upon me the difference between feasting on his daily bread versus feasting on the bread of the world, and the resulting consequences. When you consume Yahweh’s spiritual food on a daily basis you will experience “unexplainable” things, such as power, wisdom, anointing, revelation, and communion with your Heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit will be upon you and your life will be abundant regardless of your circumstances. You will be experiencing life to its fullest. When you feast on God’s daily bread he will take you places that are, “just unexplainable” to the unbelieving world.

Now, if you consume the world’s spiritual food you too will experience “unexplainable” things in your life. However you life will be characterized by anger, war, depression, sorrow, and anxiety. The only Spirit that will be upon you is a religious spirit, and the spirit of this world, which will never lead to abundance. The oppression of the enemy will be upon you so heavy that you will not be experiencing life to the fullest. After consuming the world’s spiritual food for any length of time, you will wake up one day and not know how and when you were placed in the prison walls that you find yourself in. It will be hard to share with anyone the magnitude of your suffering because, “some things are just unexplainable.”

On July 4th every year, our nation celebrates our independence from Britain’s oppression by gathering together for feasts!!! On this day we celebrate our freedom. We celebrate the following statement found in The Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

When our nation was created, we did it with God in our midst. However, over the last few decades, God has been pushed out of our government, schools and families. We have basically told him that we don’t need his help anymore and can do it on our own. The majority of Americans do not feast on Yahweh’s spiritual food on a regular basis, and are therefore in bondage. Even people who go to church every week suffer from the enemy’s oppression upon them. They are not living the American Dream of Life, Liberty and Happiness as our forefathers envisioned and fought for, because our nation has been moving to the FAR LEFT for quite a while now. We may be a free nation, from society’s standards, and yet the majority of Americans who live here are not free by any means.

What is on our Heavenly Father’s mind is the heavy oppression that is upon his people from our enemy Satan. What is concerning him is the daily food that is being consumed by his children, in a nation that NO LONGER keeps their eyes on HIM. What is on our Heavenly Father’s mind is his desire for all of his children to be set free from the chains of their oppression and bondage. He knows that the only way to be set free is to start eating HIS spiritual food on a daily basis, to start listening to his voice, and to start learning Yahweh’s spiritual language so that you to can start living an abundant life defined by the power and vitality of the Holy Spirit that lives in every believer. What he wants for his children is to commune with them daily and give them the revelation that they need to face their days victoriously.

Based on all the God has shown me, I have no doubt that our nation will be experiencing some very hard times in the near future. The handwriting is on the wall, or in this case on the PICNIC BASKET. Because our nation has turned our back on the Creator, it is simply a matter of time before our nation suffers greatly, because of the natural consequences of our choices. Before that chaos is upon us, you need to decide individually, and as a family, from this day forward, what food you will consume daily. The choice you make today will define your future and how easy or how hard it will be. It’s never too late to change your ways. Don’t miss out on the abundant life that your Heavenly Father wants to give you, simply because you decide to consume the food of the enemy.

The very last thought Yahweh gave me while I was pondering all of these dreams and words from him, in the event of chaos upon our nation, was that for the people who chose him and his ways, he will FILL our picnic baskets with DAILY MANNA. The Israelites received manna daily when there was nothing else to eat. I believe God will do the very same thing for his TRUE believer’s in order to keep us free from the enemy’s plans of oppression, regardless of what is taking place around us. Now wouldn’t that be a MIRACLE!!!


Sister in Christ,

Judy Jacobson <><

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