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Please stop aiding and abetting!

One morning I woke up to God saying in my Spirit, “Aid and Abetting.” I wasn’t sure if these words were for me, or the woman our ministry team was soon going to pray for. It wasn’t long before it became apparent who God’s words were for.

Within minutes of meeting the woman we were praying for that morning, it became painfully obvious that she was not in a good place physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Unfortunately Satan had been robbing this woman of ALL peace, love, joy, and abundant living. It was evident that she had been imprisoned by the enemy for a very long time. She had asked us to pray for her because she was desperate to escape her “jail cell.”

So our ministry team did what God always leads us to do during our prayer sessions. We started teaching this lady about communication with God through the Holy Spirit. We discussed how to listen to, and how to hear, God’s majestic voice through the Bible, dreams, visions, words of knowledge, creation, prophecy, etc. We discussed how important it is to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and how and why praying in your Spirit language regularly will empower you. We stressed that by daily entering into God’s presence you gain wisdom, knowledge, understanding, revelation, insight, and counsel from your heavenly Counselor. It is during your time with God that he can deposit into you everything you need, in order to prepare you for what the world will throw at you on any given day.

Our conversation with this woman was one that we frequently have with the people pray for. But what was different about this conversation is that this woman informed us that she had already received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and her gift of her Spirit language (often called speaking in tongues) a long time ago. She also had frequent dreams and visions that she knew were messages from God, and she knew how to clearly hear God’s precious voice. She told us about all of her old journals that documented her previous conversations with her Creator. So…why did she need us to pray for her? Why was her life in such shambles?

That’s when God reminded me of the words I woke up to: “Aid and Abetting.” What I quickly realized is that she was aiding and abetting the enemy in her life by not using what she had been given by her Lord and Savior to utilize.

Aiding and abetting” are terms used in criminal law, which mean that another person helped the primary person do whatever criminal act for which they are charged. Aiding or abetting can vary from driving a car, to being present at a fight and rendering assistance, or being a lookout for a burglary or robbery or any other crime. If a person is convicted of aiding or abetting, they are convicted for the same level of crime in which they assisted as the person who actually pulled the trigger or did the burglary.

Unfortunately, God wanted me to know that this woman was just as responsible as Satan for her state of being. The circumstantial evidence was strong. Even though she had learned a long time ago how to hear God’s precious voice, she admitted that she was spending ZERO TIME in his PRESENCE, in order to hear what he had to say. Even though she knew how to analyze and journal her dreams, visions, and conversations with God for their messages, she was not taking the time to do so. Even though she had her Spirit Language, which scripture tells us if for the purpose of edifying yourself, she wasn’t using this God given gift to recharge her batteries. To add to it, she wasn’t reading her Bible, or devotionals, wasn’t praising or worshiping God, or going to church. She was not receiving ALL that God had to offer her, because she rarely went into his presence to collect all the blessings and counsel that he desired to give her.

Talk about aiding and abetting the enemy! This precious woman was living like she was an unbeliever! With absolutely zero communication with God, she was living through her flesh. As a result, her life reflected all that comes with living in the world, because she wasn’t inviting God into it. Because of her choosing to live in the flesh, instead of her Spirit, the enemy easily came and set up residence in her thoughts and mind. Her circumstances, her actions, and the words that came out of her mouth, were proof that Satan had a stronghold, a death grip, upon her. By not spending time with God listening to his voice, reading her Bible, journaling and analyzing her dreams and visions, spending quiet time in praise and worship, and speaking and praying in her spirit language, she was helping the enemy to literally steal her life out from underneath her.

What was interesting is that nothing we told her about spending time with the Lord in order to receive her daily manna was news to her. She understood the importance about everything we discussed. She simply wasn’t putting in the effort. She readily admitted that she wasn’t sacrificing her time to enter into God’s Presence, so that God could renew her mind, her thoughts, her actions, her desires, her will. Unfortunately, this woman had given into the spirit of laziness. She had become part of what God calls the “Slacker Generation.” How unfortunate her situation was, when she had all she needed within her to turn her circumstances around.

A few days after this prayer session, God woke me up to the following words in order to confirm his message…

“You are aiding and abetting the enemy when…You don’t take your shoes off!”

I just love the way God speaks. It took me a moment before I understood what God was saying. Do you remember when God spoke to Moses out of a burning bush? The first thing God told Moses to do was to remove his shoes, because the place he was standing was on holy ground. The ground was holy, because God’s presence was before Moses. I believe that God asked Moses to take his shoes off as a symbolic gesture of removing the dirt of the world from his feet. God would only talk to Moses if Moses agreed to leave the physical worldly realm and enter into God’s spiritual realm, if only for a moment. Once Moses removed his shoes, God proceeded to tell Moses his desires, plans, and will for his life.

Therefore, when you DON’T take your shoes off, it means that you are not entering into God Presence. God’s words to me were a very creative way of saying, “You are aiding and abetting the enemy when…you don’t spend time with me.” By not taking time out of your day to spend with God you are choosing NOT to be encouraged, renewed, empowered, restored, inspired, rejuvenated. You are choosing to not hear ALL that God has planned for your life. By choosing not to spend time with God, in essence, you are instead choosing to let the enemy have his way with you.

So my question to you is this, “Are you Aiding and Abetting the enemy?” As harsh as it may sound, you may be just as liable as Satan for your circumstances, by not giving your Lord and Savior your time.

Your circumstances will let you know if you are aiding and abetting the enemy. It’s easy to detect. Are you consumed by what Satan and his demons are doing in your life? Do you have daily battles taking place in your mind and thoughts? Do you have trouble determining the truth from a lie? Have your demons become so familiar that they hang out with your regularly, speaking into your ear. Are you spiritually consuming what they have to offer? Do they captivate your attention? Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, sadness, turmoil? Are you a mess? Do you lack peace, love and joy?

Well, it’s time to stop helping the enemy in his quest to steal, kill and destroy your life. It’s time to boot Satan out of your presence and invite God into it! It’s time to use your power and authority, as a precious child of God, to command Satan to leave your home, thoughts, and heart immediately. Speak to the enemy out loud! Tell him that he is no longer welcome. Inform him that you are no longer going to render assistance in his schemes against you and your life.

Then curse the spirit of laziness. In Jesus’ name, command it to the pit, never to return. Make it a priority to sacrifice your time to your Lord and Savior today. Meet with him daily! Receive you daily bread: revelations from heaven, strategies to defeat your personal demons, God’s will for your life, daily instructions of how to handle tough situations, wisdom, knowledge, understanding…

If you meet with God regularly, it is guaranteed that you will be victorious and will be released from the personal prison that currently has you bound. Because your soul will be filled to overflowing with God’s LIVING WATERS of Peace, Love and Joy, there won’t be room for Satan or his demons. They will be forced to flee! Hallelujah!!!

“SUBMIT yourselves therefore to GOD. RESIST the DEVIL and he will flee from you.” James 4:7

“Man shall not LIVE by bread alone, but by every WORD that proceeds from the mouth of the LORD.” Matthew 4:4

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