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By Guest Blogger: Lauren Ionta

When we answer the call of adoption into the Lord’s family, we fail to realize that we are adopted as born again Christians. This means that we are invited to walk in Yahweh’s everlasting light. Being children, we yearn to speak Yahweh’s language, see His creation with new eyes, hear His guidance, and love with a heart like Jesus. Scripture says, “For the Holy Spirit makes God’s fatherhood real to us as he whispers into our innermost being, ‘You are God’s beloved child!’” Romans 8:16 TPT.

When we ignore the Holy Spirit, it leaves room for the world to alter our vision of God as a loving Father and the opportunities He has so carefully set out for us. Instead of clearly seeing our identity the way God does, we see the blurred, dense-with-sin version of us. The child within becomes blind, and only by the guidance of His light can we be lifted from the haze.

Let me give you an example. For the most part, I have control over what I look at. I choose to look at myself in the mirror, to look at the words in a book, to look at my phone, or to watch T.V. However, I do not have control over the words that I read in said book, the images that pop up on my social media, or any scene on a T.V. show.

I can predict the types of pictures I’ll come across on my instagram: girls with bodies unlike my own, either working out or in bathing suits; or couples traveling to exotic places; or cute families with blogs and YouTube channels—sharing only the best parts of their lives. I’ll see Christian guys and girls my age getting thousands of likes on their all-too-happy posts about the joys of following Jesus and looking cool while doing it.

How do these pictures and videos make me feel? Absolutely terrible. I place myself within the devil’s game of comparison—one that I think is his particular favorite in regards to the social media realm. I can’t help but think of the T.V. show, “My Strange Addiction” when I think about social media. Many of us know that we’ll run into the same cycle of seeing people living better lives than us, feeling the urge to create better content for our feed, and then realizing that the time we spend on these sites is slipping away with each double-tap and scroll.

So, why do I think of that weird, early 2000s T.V. show? Because I think we all are strangely addicted to feeling terrible about ourselves after viewing posts that we know are triggers. Although we cannot control the types of images that are plastered all over instagram, we do have control as to whether or not we decide to search for them.

As I pray for God to open my eyes to see the beauty that He created me to be, I continue to make poor decisions to view images riddled with comparison. I don’t even ALLOW God to open my eyes, or in this case, turn them away from images that do not create an infilling of my spirit. By idolizing the fitness models and insta-families, I am saying no to the spiritual frames the Lord has given me.

I picture our Heavenly Father holding a pair of one-size-fits-all glasses; they’re holistically prescribed for all of His children. Without the help of these glasses, our vision on earth is blurred through the haze of sin. Thankfully, there are no waiting rooms, appointments, or need of insurance to receive these heavenly glasses. At any point in time we can admit how terrible it is walking around—constantly bumping into or ending up in places where we do not belong—and we can humbly ask our Father to hand us our glasses. With the glasses comes eternal life insurance, and free cleansing upon request. Heavenly glasses cannot be broken or stolen, but only by our own action can we choose to wear them or leave them on our bedside tables.

Unfortunately, I do not wear my God-given glasses every day— I know what you’re thinking, “How could you take them off once you’ve put them on?” But sadly, that’s the truth that comes with being human. The days that I don’t wear them are less joyous, because I cannot see the miraculous wonders happening around me. I find myself stumbling into deceit more often, and instead of thinking to put on my glasses, I try to find my own way out.

When we choose to put our Heavenly glasses on, everything comes into focus. We are better equipped to see a sinful trigger coming our way and avoid it before it causes us to stumble. No longer do we have to fear being lost in the dark, because His glasses illuminate the darkness and show us the way out. Our glasses provide us with the ability to see God in the midst of His creation; to see Him in the faces of the people we encounter; and to see the beauty that He so graciously bestowed on us.

So won’t you join me today in changing your habits? I guarantee if you take off your worldly glasses, and make it a routine to wear your Heavenly glasses daily, then your life will be filled with peace that passes all understanding. No longer will you be consumed by worldly darkness, but you will be filled with Yahweh’s everlasting light—and I predict, it just might become your NEW STRANGE ADDICTION!


We want to thank our Guest Blogger, Lauren Ionta, today for contributing her very insightful words of wisdom. We came to know Lauren over 12 months ago, when she decided to join our God Said Gatherings, in order to learn all about the role the Holy Spirit plays in a believer's life in communicating with their Heavenly Father Yahweh and their Savior Jesus. During our meetings, as Lauren was learning more about how God communicates with his people, we could just sense her excitement of getting to know her Lord and Savior even more intimately, when she started experiencing her own personal dreams, visions, and words of knowledge from the Lord. The more we taught Lauren, the more she desired to know, and the more she practiced spending "listening" time with her Lord and Savior. In fact, that is how the content of this blog came about. She received this download while spending quality one-on-one time with her Lord and Savior, not by talking, but buy simply listening to what he wanted her to know on that particular day. Through our short time of knowing Lauren, we have seen her relationship with her Creator continue to grow and flourish, by leaps and bounds. She now knows and expects that her Heavenly Father wants to talk to her daily, and she now has learned the "how to's" of hearing his majestic voice in the myriad of ways in which he speaks. We are so excited to see how God uses Lauren, now and in the future, to further his kingdom purposes! We have no doubt that he will. As you can see, she has a lot to offer through her beautiful words!

H2O Team

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