On the morning of 8/8/2018, Yahweh said to me, “Phenomenally Unsustainable Christ Mirror without the Holy Spirit.” He then led me to the following verse…

And we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being changed into his [Jesus's] likeness from one degree of glory to another; for this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit. (2 Corinthians 3:18)

So how do we become more and more Christ-like, so that when others look at us they can easily detect that we are truly followers of Jesus? How do we become a sustainable Christ mirror? It sounds like a very tall order, because as we all know, while Jesus walked in the flesh on this earth, he was perfect, sinless, and good. He was kind, gentle, patient, and self-controlled. He was full of peace, and joy. Jesus had BIG faith! He was powerful and loving! Miracles, signs and wonders followed him wherever he went. He loved and prayed for his enemies. Jesus forgave those who offended him, as they were offending him, not weeks, years, or decades later.

I know! It sounds completely impossible for us to reflect Jesus, doesn’t it? But is it impossible? In my experience it is not!

Remember, while Jesus walked this earth, he was fully human! It’s so easy to forget that! What that means is that Jesus had a body, a soul, and a spirit. Just like us, he was born as a baby who ate, slept, and grew. He got hungry and tired. He laughed, and cried. He felt love, joy, and peace, as well as heartache and pain. He was a son, a brother, a nephew, a friend. He had relationships with his parents and siblings. He spoke; he listened. He told stories. He attended weddings and funerals. He was involved in family issues. He made a living as a carpenter, who dealt with customers. He studied and memorized scripture. He went to synagogue. He worshiped the Lord through song and prayer.

Daily, life came at Jesus, just like the world comes at us through our relationships, environments, accidents, situations, offenses, and sicknesses. Daily Jesus had choices to make on what to say, what to do, how to act towards family members, friends, enemies, and customers. So how did he walk through his life flawlessly? How did he make it through his life absolutely sinless? How was Jesus able to live an abundant, joyful life, while he walked the earth in the flesh, with all of the human limitations that come along with it?

Well, we know from the story of Jesus’s birth, that he was conceived in Mary through Yahweh’s Holy Spirit. What that means is that Jesus, from day one of his physical existence, had access to God’s Holy Spirit, because it dwelled within him. Because of this fact, I would imagine that Jesus became aware of Yahweh’s Spirit within him at a very young age.

So yes, Jesus had a definite advantage by being born of Yahweh’s Spirit, but remember he had all the limitations of a human as well. He, like us, had a soul. Your soul is comprised of your mind, your will, and your emotions. It is your soul that tells your mouth what to speak, your hands what to do, and your body where to go. I know from personal experience that often it is my own emotions and personal will, or my own instant thoughts on a matter, that lead me to what I say and do. Sometimes, I don’t take time to think about what just occurred before I quickly respond. I don’t stop and pray to ask God, “What would you have me say or do in this moment?” I don’t tap into God’s Holy Spirit, given in Jesus’s name, within me to receive the insight and advice that I need, before my soul orders my body to act.

What made Jesus different is that daily he gave Yahweh his time. Daily, Jesus entered into his heavenly Father’s presence, through the Holy Spirit, and asked him to fill him with his love, joy and peace. Daily he prayed and asked God for his will for him for that particular day. Daily he sat in the Lord’s presence to be refilled, nourished, and refreshed. Daily he asked him for his daily bread of strategic advice, wisdom, and insight into what was going on around him. He asked God for his thoughts on matters and issues. Daily he first LISTENED to what his heavenly Father had to tell him, and then he OBEYED what he heard. As a result Jesus only said what he heard his Father saying, and he did only what he saw his Father doing. By only doing his Father’s will, and not his own will, Jesus led a sinless life full of peace, love, and joy.

Because Jesus’s soul was so bound by his Father’s Holy Spirit that dwelled within him, he could not, and did not, act through his own mind, will, or emotions! He wanted God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, more than he wanted his own way. Which means that Jesus waited to hear for an answer from God before he responded. He waited before he acted, before he spoke, before he made a decision. He didn’t allow his own thoughts on a matter, or his emotions, lead his actions. And as a result of becoming ONE with the Father, not only was Jesus able to walk through life sinless, but also he was able to physically manifest Yahweh’s Spirit everywhere he went, through signs, wonders, and miracles, becoming Yahweh’s powerful witness.

So what was Jesus’s key to an abundant life?

Daily Jesus spent TIME with his heavenly Father!

Daily Jesus OBEYED his Father’s voice!

Daily Jesus SACRIFICED his own mind, will, and emotions, for his Father’s will!

Daily Jesus was ONE with the FATHER in words and actions!

Daily Jesus sacrificed his SOUL to his Father’s SPIRIT!

As I was pondering Yahweh’s words about how virtually impossible…how phenomenally unsustainable…it is to reflect Jesus without tapping into the Holy Spirit, God said, “Without the Holy Spirit, LIFE is just SMOKE and MIRRORS.” The phrase "smoke and mirrors" has entered common English use to refer to any proposal that, when examined closely, proves to be an illusion. Without the living waters of the Holy Spirit flowing through us, human are not experiencing TRUE LIFE as God defines life. Without the Holy Spirit, humans may appear to be living their life to the fullest, doing what they can out of their own strength to be good, kind, gentle, patient, forgiving, and self-controlled, but it is really just a grand illusion to those watching. We, as humans, will never reflect the greatness of Jesus unless we intentionally allow Yahweh’s Holy Spirit to daily influence our souls, which controls our flesh. We will never become a powerful witness like Jesus, unless we too become ONE with the Father. Only then will our hearts be completely changed and renewed. Only then will others see Jesus within us, because we too will be only saying what we hear our Father saying and only doing what we see our Father doing.

God concluded his thoughts to me about the Holy Spirit by saying, “The Holy Spirit is your Bread and Butter!” The term Bread and Butter is used to represent a vital component of something. Often people use this term in describing their job, since it is their jobs that provide money that allows them to purchase food, shelter, and clothing, which allows them to survive. By allowing the Holy Spirit to be your bread and butter, Yahweh is saying that through the Holy Spirit you will receive all that you need in this life and more. The Holy Spirit will be your nourishment, your sustenance, your livelihood, and your freedom. Not only will tapping into the Holy Spirit allow you to survive, but you will also THRIVE!

So don’t spend another day trying to reflect Jesus out of your own strength and willpower. According to God, it is unsustainable, exhausting, and you will ultimately fail. Instead, simply follow in Jesus’s footsteps, by allowing the Holy Spirit within you to daily guide you, direct you, enlighten you, feed you, comfort you, inspire you, and love on you so that you too can beautifully reflect Jesus to those that you come into contact with!

“Give us this day our DAILY BREAD!” (Matthew 6:11)