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A wise old owl sat in an oak,

The more he HEARD, the less he SPOKE:

The LESS he spoke, the MORE he heard;

Why aren’t we all like that wise old bird?

“Thus says the Lord, who made it, the Lord who formed it to establish it, Yahweh is his name: ‘Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things which you have not known.’” Jeremiah 33:2-3

God challenged me to start paddle boarding at the beginning of the summer 2015 for 7 days. It was a strange request, but of course I listened. I thought well maybe God has something important to tell me, but wants to see my obedience before he reveals it to me. So for 7 days, rain or shine, I went paddle boarding on Lake Lanier behind our home. Of course he knew that I would quickly become addicted to the sport. I have been paddle boarding with God ever since.

Yahweh knew I would enjoy my time with him on the water because he knows me intimately. He knows that we would accomplish a great deal more while being active together, instead of sitting still in a room. He also knows that he has given me the gift of hearing Him through the sights that I see in the world. He knew that I am able to hear him better by spending our time together in his creation. So every summer, since that day, I have gotten on my paddleboard expecting to see and hear God’s voice. And boy…have I seen and heard my Heavenly Father’s voice loudly and clearly.

In our time together on the water we have accomplished a lot. I have called out to Yahweh and he has answered me. He has encouraged me, strengthened me, and allowed me to cry on his shoulders. He has invited me to enter into his presence and has given me insight and knowledge that I didn’t previously know. In our time together he has interpreted dreams for me and others, and he has given me words for friends. It’s as if God is by my side, communicating with me while I am on the water. It’s as if he is physically paddling WITH me.

I so enjoy spending the first hour of my day in the summers with my Heavenly Father with beautiful Lake Lanier as my surroundings. As well as hearing God’s voice, God has allowed me to see some amazing sights on the lake, from deer and their babies, to turtles, fox, butterflies, fish of all sorts, dragonflies, grey herons, hawks, seagulls, birds, ducks, a bald eagle, rainbows, a pink sun, and clouds in all shapes. Through every animal, bird, cloud, rainbow, or beautiful sunrise I have seen, God has given me an applicable message to go along with it. What an amazing God we serve!

One day during the summer of 2015, I went paddle boarding before a meeting for our newly formed prayer ministry. Two days prior to this day, God had revealed our flagship verse for our ministry, Jeremiah 33:2-3. It’s a verse all about communication with HIM. So, immediately upon getting on my paddleboard that morning, I asked God to confirm the verse he had given us, as we would be presenting it in just a few short hours.

So on that day, I paddled to my usual destination and then started heading back. About half way back to our dock, I heard God say, “Go into that cove.” It was a cove I had not previously ventured, so I was intrigued to say the least. Immediately I realized how calm and still the waters were in the cove and I was thrilled. I anticipated God wanted to show or tell me something important or he wouldn’t have instructed me to go in a different direction. When I was about 30 feet from the shore in the back of the cove, a very large bird came out of a tree, flew right in front of me, and landed on a large oak tree right along the shore line. As the bird was flying, just feet in front of me, God said the word, “Majestic.” I quickly realized that the bird was a very LARGE owl.

Immediately, I knew that I was seeing something extraordinary. In the 21 years we have lived on the lake, I had never seen an owl. Since most owls are nocturnal, I knew that seeing one during the morning hours was special. Owls are also masters at blending into their surroundings. If I had not seen the owl fly right in front of me, I don’t know if I would have noticed it in the oak tree, because of it’s camouflage coloring. For the entire time the owl sat in the tree, I couldn’t help but remain perfectly still and gaze into his big beautiful eyes. Once he flew away, I continued my journey on the water.

As I was leaving the cove, God asked, “So…what just happened?” I replied, “I asked you to verify our verse for our ministry. You then answered by telling me to go into a cove I had never before ventured into. I obeyed. Because of my obedience, you showed me a GREAT (majestic owl) and HIDDEN thing which I had not known!” Oh wow…I had asked for confirmation of our flagship verse, and instead of God saying, “Yes, Judy that is the verse I have for you,” he decided that he would physically show me our ministry verse in action, in order to put an exclamation point on it. Yahweh then sealed the deal when he asked, “And what does an owl represent?” Oh my goodness! I didn’t recognize it at first. I replied, “Why of course an owl represents WISDOM!” The GREAT and HIDDEN thing that flew out right in front of me, when I called upon God, was Yahweh’s WISDOM! Yes, of course we had the right verse for our ministry! The goal of our ministry is to help others to recognize God’s voice through the Holy Spirit, so they can not only hear his voice, but also gain HIS insight and wisdom for their lives.

What I had just seen in God’s creation is exactly what God wants to do when you CALL upon him. He will ANSWER you and TELL you GREAT and HIDDEN things, which you have not previously known. He will give you his MAJESTIC WISDOM. The word majestic is defined as “having or showing impressive beauty or dignity.” Synonyms of the word majestic are “stately, dignified, distinguished, solemn, magnificent, grand, splendid, resplendent, glorious, sumptuous, impressive, noble, awe-inspiring, monumental, marvelous, etc.” The owl represented God’s wisdom, and God’s wisdom is definitely majestic.

The key to receiving God’s majestic wisdom is and always will be obedience. I didn’t have to obey God’s voice asking me to paddle board with him every morning. But I did! I also didn’t have to call upon God in the first place for his advice. But I did! And, I for sure didn’t have to obey him when he said to go into the cove. But I did! When Yahweh told me to go in a different direction than I was used to, I obeyed! And look at all that transpired. I have received so much wisdom over the years just by calling upon Yahweh, listening to his voice, and obeying his instructions. Won’t you do the same?

God will not speak if he knows he will not be heard or obeyed. He may try for a while to get your attention, but if you repeatedly disobey what he is telling you, he will become silent in your life. Therefore, let Jeremiah 33:2-3 be your flagship verse with your Creator. Let it be a verse that changes your life, one that changes your relationship with your Heavenly Father.

So…ask God to let you know the place and time he wants to meet with you, since he knows how you will hear him best. Then meet with him regularly! Call upon him! Listen for his reply! Expect that he will answer you! Finally, obey his voice, and then watch excitedly as Yahweh’s majestic wisdom flies right out in front of your eyes, for your daily use!

“Wise Old Owl (Nursery Rhyme)”

A wise old owl sat in an oak,

The more he HEARD, the less he SPOKE:

The LESS he spoke, the MORE he heard;

Why aren’t we all like that wise old bird?

(The author is unknown, however, I would imagine the author was Yahweh himself.)

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