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A few weeks ago, I cleaned out my front yard gardens of all the dead leaves that had fallen from my trees this previous winter. It was a long and exhausting process…but a necessary one.

As I was picking up all the leaves, I was pondering a dream God had given me just a few days prior. In the dream I was walking into my earthly father’s home, which I knew represented my heavenly Father’s house. The windows and doors were all open in the house. As I was walking into the main family room, I noticed that there were dead leaves all over the floor. It looked as if the leaves had blown in from the outside, as they were in definite groupings or piles all over the floor. As I was walking through the room, I was thinking that I needed to clean up those dead leaves, because they obviously DIDN’T belong there.

Over the next few days, God gave me insight into what the leaves represented. He reminded me of this verse in Revelation:

“Then he showed me…the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.” Revelation 22:1-2

In Revelation we see that the tree of life has leaves that are used for the healing of the nations. So why were there dead leaves in my Father’s house? The leaves from the tree of life would never die, and therefore never fall to the ground. So what did the dead leaves in my dream represent? Where had these leaves blown in from? Dead leaves would never provide anyone with healing. Again I asked myself, why were they in my Father’s house, which I knew represented the Church as a whole.

God answered these questions, while I continued to remove the abundance of dead leaves from my garden beds. What God explained to me that there IS healing in his house, but his children are LIVING and ACTING as if there isn’t, hence the dead leaves scattered on the floor of the FAMILY room of God’s house.

So how are God’s children living and acting, when it comes to their spiritual, emotional, and physical health that would represent the belief that there is NO healing in the house of the Lord?

Here is what God brought to my mind on this particular day…

When God’s children are sick or suffering, they do not think to call on the elders (mature believers) of the church to anoint and pray for them as indicated in Scripture.

“Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray…Is an among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord; and the prayer of FAITH will save the sick man, and the Lord will raise him up; and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Therefore confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you many healed. The prayer of a righteous man has great power in its effects.” James 5:13-16

When God’s children are sick, their first instinct is to rush to the doctor’s offices, before they ask fellow believers to lay hands on them and pray. Because God’s people are not physically laying hands on one another and praying, we are not witnessing healing and miracles like we should be. Therefore, no one is believing in miracles and healing, even though Scripture clearly states there are spiritual gifts of healing and miracles. Calling the elders, anointing, and praying for the sick seems to have become a last ditch effort for God’s children, when everything else fails, instead of prayer being the first thing done.

The main issue is that God’s children are not BELIEVING that their prayers are effective and powerful as indicated in Scripture. This couldn’t be more obvious; otherwise believers (the righteous) would be laying hands on everyone they know who needs healing or a miracle. They would have complete confidence that their prayers would have a powerful effect on that individual’s situation, regardless of if they saw an immediate miracle happening or not.

Because of this disbelief, the sick believers are not CALLING on their brothers and sisters in Christ to lay hands on them and pray. In addition, believers are not ASKING or OFFERING to lay their hands on the sick when they see a need. And since believers don’t see this modeled in church services, they therefore do not do this in their homes for family, friends, or people in their communities. It is a terrible catch 22 situation that needs to be changed.

Satan has truly done a number on God’s children. He has done an excellent job in keeping God’s children feeling powerless and ineffective, and believing that there is no healing available in God’s house.

In my dream, after walking through the family room I entered into my bedroom. There was a woman in my room who told me that she wanted to commit suicide. She said that she was telling everyone about her situation. I thought to myself that I was glad she was telling everyone, so that she could get help from one of God’s children. But instead of help being offered, I hear a voice behind me telling the woman, “It’s time to man up.”

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. This girl was basically screaming out for help, hoping someone would take an interest and help her, while IN her Father’s house. She desperately needed someone to pray for her. Instead of hearing someone say, “Oh my goodness, it is time to lay hands on you and pray. We are in Yahweh’s house, and as we all know there is powerful healing available in our Father’s house,” the girl heard, “It’s time to man up.” It was said in a negative tone.

The meaning of “man up” is to be brave or tough enough to deal with an unpleasant situation. It is often thought of as a nasty insult often used to shame the person for showing a sign of weakness. It gives the connotation of “Suck it up. Deal with it. Fix your own problem.”

What I find ironic is this girl wanted to take her own life, when she was in the house that gives LIFE. In her own last ditch effort, she came to her Father’s house looking for a miracle. However, instead of encountering the tree of life, she encountered a bunch of dead leaves.

I know why this girl was in my dream, because God knows that I would not hesitate to lay hands on her and pray. That is what our ministry is all about, laying hands on the sick, anointing them, and praying for miracles. Every time we pray, we believe that God is still in the business of miracles. Every time, we believe that God will use us to bring some kind of healing or miracle to the person we pray for, whether we see immediate proof of it or not. We have full confidence that our prayers are EFFECTIVE.


On this same day that God was revealing to me all the reasons for the dead leaves, God brought me to think about the supernatural phenomenon of the healing oil that he is flowing from a man’s Bible in Dalton GA. If you have not heard about what is going on there, I highly recommend you investigate this supernatural phenomenon. Their website is

For over two years now, oil has been flowing from a Bible, owned by a man named Jerry. Yahweh has instructed this individual that this oil, which is flowing from heaven, is to be used to anoint the sick and pray. Unbelievable miracles and healings are being reported taking place when this oil is used in prayer. Therefore thousands of people are flocking from all over the world to Dalton, Ga in order to obtain some of it.

While pondering on this oil, I asked God, “WHY are you flowing oil from heaven from this man’s Bible? WHY now?”

In my own words, here is what God impressed upon me:

“My children have, over the centuries, gotten away from laying hands on the sick and praying as I instructed in James 5:13-16. Instead, the majority of MY people have resorted to their private prayer closets. I am flowing oil from heaven and giving it to my children, so that they are forced to touch one another and lay hands on one another once again. I want my children to come out of their prayer closets, come out of their comfort zones, come together, anoint one another, and pray out loud for healing. For when two or more are gathered in my name, I am present. Where I am present there is always the power to heal.”

Over the centuries Satan has convinced God’s children their faith and prayer is a private matter. I can’t tell you how many people I know that have never laid hands on someone else and prayed, or even prayed out loud for that matter. I was one of those people until just 6 years ago.

So I know that Yahweh is flowing his anointing oil from heaven in order to ENTICE his people to come out of their comfort zone, lay on hands, and pray once again. The oil he is supernaturally providing from heaven FORCES them to physically touch one another. For Scripture doesn’t say that it is the anointing oil that heals the sick. Scripture says it is the PRAYERS of a righteous man that are powerfully effective. God is therefore going out of his way to flow oil from a man’s Bible, as his MEANS to an END.

Because of the stories of miracles and healings that are taking place after using this oil, God’s people are finally, sometimes for the first time, touching one another with this oil and their hands, opening their mouths, and praying for each others needs once again. What many don't understand is that its not the oil that is healing. It is their boosted FAITH, through the use of the oil, that is healing.

I just love God’s strategy to bring his people back to doing things the way he designed them to be! He has got to be just rejoicing in heaven, watching his people, literally, being the healing hands of Jesus!

Laying hands on someone and praying is like a huge hug, but better. It’s a hug with a purpose. It’s a hug that has the potential to heal. It’s a hug with benefits. It’s a hug that calls on the Great Physician, Jesus, to step into the person’s circumstances. It is a LOVE EMBRACE that is remembered.

Remember the leaves appeared to have blown in from the outdoors, from outside beliefs, outside forces, false denominational beliefs. We, as God’s children, need to do our part, take action, and clean up the Father’s house of the dead leaves. It is extremely necessary and obviously one of Yahweh’s highest priorities.

We need to start acting like there is still healing available from the tree of life. Let’s therefore start laying hands on one another, and start believing in miracles once again. It is such a privilege and great purpose to love on someone in this way, so challenge yourself to do so ... starting this week. I pray it becomes a new habit and a normal way of life, when you come to TRULY BELIEVE that you are righteous, and your prayers are powerful and effective.

Remember, while Jesus walked his earth, he gave his disciples a new command. He told them to “love one another AS I have loved you.” When it came to healing the sick, Jesus loved them by touching them with his hands and praying out loud for healing. We are to follow in Jesus’s footsteps by loving the sick in the same way. Lets ALL, as believers in Jesus Christ, become the PRAYER WARRIORS that Jesus desperately needs us to become ... for such a time as this.

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