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About a week ago, we started having our normal spring pest issue in our kitchen. Every year around this time we start seeing sugar ants walking on our counters. In the past we have tried to combat the ants on our own, to no avail. We have finally realized that this issue requires a true professional.

So this year, as soon as we saw the return of the ants, I called our pest company: ALL GOOD PEST SOLUTIONS.

Three days later, the pest professional came to our home. Since he needed to treat the entire length of the counter, I moved everything off of it, in order to make his job easier.

At the time I was making freshly milled, whole grain bread dough in my bread machine. I knew the dough was rising, but thought that it may already be done, so I looked at the timer. Since I thought I saw the word “complete,” I unplugged the bread machine and moved it.

However, after the pest professional left, I realized I must have stopped the bread machine before the bread had finished RISING, because the dough just didn’t look or feel right. As a result, the buns that I made were hard as hockey pucks.

What was interesting is that I have never done that in the 13 years I have been baking fresh whole grain bread.

I now believe this happened, because God was trying to prove a point. You see, on this particular week, God was teaching me about RESURRECTION POWER through Jesus.

On this day, God showed me that because of my actions, I CUT OFF the rising process of my homemade bread dough. I cut the process SHORT. My eyesight failed me. I thought I saw the word COMPLETE, on my machine, when I now know that’s not what it said. I unplugged the machine from the electricity in order to move it. I therefore baked something that was inedible to eat, all because I FAILED TO WAIT for the PROCESS TO FINISH.

I unplugged the bread machine from its POWER SOURCE before it was done.

God taught me several things on this day…

In the natural we had an ant issue. We called the professionals. The professional arrived 3 days later. I gave the pest guy access to the counter, to the cabinets underneath the counter, and also to the basement ceiling underneath the kitchen. The pest guy applied what needed to be applied to these various areas. As a result of giving the professional FULL ACCESS to all needed areas, the ants were completely EXTERMINATED by the very next day.

What God showed me, through this experience, is that his children are indeed calling on a professional, Jesus, when there are PESTS in their own lives that need to be exterminated. However, in a lot of instances, his children are not giving Jesus FULL ACCESS to all areas of their lives that need to be treated.

Instead, most of God's children are just handing over their “problem” to Jesus. They are handing over what they see in the natural realm that needs to be fixed, but are not taking into account the HIDDEN PLACES that need to be treated as well. They are not seeing all the pests that have invaded their minds, hearts, beliefs, actions, and behaviors that are contributing to their problems, and are therefore not giving Jesus full access to their lives.

An even bigger problem is that his children are not giving Jesus enough of their TIME, in order to live fully resurrected.

Just like I cut short the process of my dough rising, God’s children are cutting Jesus off by not spending enough quality time with him, so that he can resurrect every area of their lives. Because God’s children are NOT choosing to spend daily time with their Lord and Savior, they are not receiving their personal daily bread, which includes insight, wisdom, instructions, redirection, revelation, fresh ideas, warnings, dreams, visions, and words of knowledge. As a result, pests have accumulated in their lives.

We have got to stop CUTTING OFF our Lord and Savior. We have got to start giving him our TIME.

The Bible story that came to my mind, while writing this blog, is of the paralytic who Jesus healed…

“And behold, men were bringing on a bed a man who was paralyzed, and they sought to bring him in and lay him before Jesus; but finding no way to bring him in, because of the crowd, they went up on the roof and let him down with his bed through the tiles into the midst before Jesus. And when he saw their faith he said, ‘Man, your sins are forgiven you … I say to you, RISE, take up your bed and go home.’ And immediately he rose before them, and took up that on which he lay, and went home, glorifying God.”

Luke 5:18-25

This paralytic knew that there was only one way to be healed, and that was to ENTER INTO the very presence of Jesus, in order to receive his touch. He and his friends had great determination that the crowds were not going to stop them from reaching Jesus. They had decided they would do whatever it took. No matter HOW LONG it took, they knew they had to find a way.

And so they did. When they entered into Jesus’s presence, not only did Jesus completely heal this man in the natural, but he also forgave this man of his SINS, which was an even bigger miracle.

What the paralytic man didn’t know or realize is that his SINS, his HIDDEN PESTS, were also hindering him from physically and spiritually WALKING in abundance.

But Jesus, our heavenly professional, did know!

By forgiving this man of his sins, and then healing him in the natural, Jesus FULLY RESURRECTED this man of ALL that ailed him.

Ours lives too will only be resurrected if we allow Jesus to have FULL ACCESS, and if we sacrifice our TIME to him every single day. Only Jesus knows where the pests are lurking in our body, souls, and spirits, hindering us from walking in victory. We have got to stop unplugging from our POWER SOURCE, because of our so-called time constraints.

Like the paralytic man, it is time to do whatever it takes to enter into Jesus’s Presence, so that we can remain pest free! We have got to sacrifice our time to Jesus. We have got surrender our entire lives over to Jesus. We have got to give Jesus time to heal our bodies, our souls and our spirits, so that our lives will truly reflect HIS Spirit within us.

When you allow Jesus to RISE YOU UP, you too will GLORIFY God, just like the paralytic in biblical times!!!

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