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This past Sunday a friend sent me this picture of the sun completely circled by a rainbow. It was an amazing sight!!! What was also amazing is that I saw the exact same thing at my house, probably at the very same time my friend was seeing it.

While I was as looking at the sun and rainbow with awe, God very clearly said to me, “I’M CIRCLING YOU!”

Because I saw the sun as representing God's Son Jesus, and I knew that biblically rainbows represent God’s Promises, I immediately knew what God meant by his personal words to me. As much as we as believers CIRCLE Jesus, with our prayers of needs, wants, and desires, our Savior is also CIRCLING us with HIS dreams and visions for our individual lives!

What I also know, based on my own personal experiences with my Lord and Savior, is that Jesus’s dreams and visions for us are greater and more extravagant than we could ever imagine! And, what I am also sure of, is that Jesus’s individual and personal dreams for us will always MEET, and EXCEED, anything and everything that we could ever need, want, or desire.

So spend some time today, and in the months to come, asking Jesus to share HIS personal extravagant, exciting, adventurous, and purpose filled dreams and visions for your life with you. Ask Jesus to allow you to SEE WHAT HE SEES when he prays for you and your life.

By doing so, throughout this year, what you will discover are the very dreams and visions Jesus is personally CIRCLING you with!

Once you know Jesus's dreams for your life, be sure to step into HIS dreams for you, with Jesus, your Creator, Lord, and Savior, leading the way!!!

Mark Batterson, the author of the book titled, “The Circle Maker,” says, “Until God’s sovereign WILL becomes your sanctified WISH, your prayer life will be unplugged from its POWER SUPPLY.”

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