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  • Lisa Ingram

God Said…Sovereign

February 10, 2017 - By: Lisa Ingram

"Our perspectives about God can change. We should focus on who God ‘is’ not what can God do for me. God is love!" - l.i.

As human beings we can easily get caught up in our daily thoughts and in our worlds around us. We can easily wake up each morning and immediately start thinking on or worrying about what is before us that day, week or even year. In ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ [Matt. 6:9-13] Jesus shows us how we ought to pray. In this amazing piece of scripture it states, ‘Give us this DAY our DAILY BREAD”. This reveals we are to focus on the day at hand and go to God for that day’s ‘daily provision’. Provision in all areas of our lives not just the areas we are worried about. Jesus knew what worked and what didn’t and in this prayer He reveals many life lessons. He knew life would bring us worries, troubles, stresses or however you want to say it, life can be hard sometimes. But Jesus reveals here we are to go to God for this day’s needs. When we go to God daily it shows Him we are fully dependent upon Him, we trust Him and have full faith in Him that He will provide. Jesus has given us the perfect example of how to live this life we have been given and how to have a full dependency on our Heavenly Father. He had troubles and worries just the same as we do today. We need to follow in His footsteps, we need to follow His lead.

This past Monday morning as I woke, the first thing God said to me was “Sovereign”. It immediately brought me comfort knowing my Heavenly Father is in full control of my life. The meaning of Sovereign is supreme ruler and some synonyms listed are ruler, crowned head, leader, king and prince. All of these words have meaning to me and can explain parts of my relationship with my Heavenly Father. He is all of these things to me but the one that stood out the most that day was leader. In the past I can honestly say I didn’t always allow or ask God to be the leader of my life. I would go through my day with the burden of worries and cares on my shoulders instead of placing them where they belong. Today my days look different. I have learned to go to God with my burdens, ask Him for my ‘daily provision’ and activate my trust and faith in Him because He has everything under control and knows everything I need. I have given Him the reins to lead me and I will follow Him where ever He may go. I trust He has my best interest at heart and where He goes is always way better than anywhere I would ever take myself.

I write this to encourage you to go to God for your daily needs and provision. To trust that He has everything you could ever need or desire. Give Him the worries and cares of your day, week, year, life.  Trust is a stumbling block for many but the more you hand over the more God can show up in your life and show you that He is faithful! When you are able to release your life over to God it brings freedom. Freedom to look past yourself and on to bigger and brighter things. Things that God has planned for you because His plans are greater than you could ever think or imagine. Trusting in Him frees you to think on something other than yourself and allows you the freedom to ask God what He wants you to know that day or maybe ask God what you could do for Him.

Our perspectives about God can change. We should focus on who God ‘is’ not what can God do for me. God is love! Yesterday my daughter Abbey text me a picture she had drawn while sitting in class. It was a picture that read, “Love is Patient”. I had been thinking on who God is when she text me this picture and it hit me. If God is love then “God is Patient!” Wow, I am so thankful for God’s patience because if He wasn’t He would have given up on me a long time ago. His patience with me is one of the many reasons I am able to trust Him more today than yesterday. God is many things to me but that day He was patient. As we turn our focus on Him and who He is, He is able to reveal more of who we are in Him. I love that!

We are a dim reflection. “For now [in this time of imperfection] we see in a mirror dimly [a blurred reflection, a riddle, an enigma], but then [when the time of perfection comes we will see reality] face to face. Now I know in part [just in fragments], but then I will know fully, just as I have been fully known [by God].” 1 Corinthians 13:12 (AMP) I want to know myself how God knows me, don’t you? I know I am made righteous through the blood of Jesus Christ and God’s grace but seeing myself as righteous is really hard sometimes. So for now I lean into my Heavenly Father daily, I ask for my daily provision, I trust and have faith in Him and focus on who God is. Through this process I pray I am being transformed from the inside out and that my world around me can see Jesus’ brilliant light!

I pray that you are able to trust in your Heavenly Father today, that you focus on ‘today’ and go to Him and receive your ‘daily bread’. I pray you allow God to show up in all areas of your life and during your time with Him he reveals who He really is to you. In Jesus name, Amen!

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