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  • judyjacobson777


It has become obvious to me in the past few years that a large majority of people do not have personal goals for their lives. It 's very apparent when you just see people haphazardly going through life, doing whatever, eating whatever, saying whatever, with nothing ever really changing for the better.

It has also become obvious to me that many Christians don't have personal goals for themselves SPIRITUALLY!

My husband was talking to his boss about the need of getting together around a table and asking the hard questions, "Where do you see our company in 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years? What is our ultimate goal here, OTHER THAN GROWTH?" Because they have yet to answer those questions for their fast growing company, as a whole, there is confusion, division, and chaos amongst the 30 individual employees, because nobody knows where they are headed.

When you don't know where you are going, you won't have a roadmap to follow, and you therefore end up being LOST the majority of the time.

My own personal goal, spiritually, is to become One with my Heavenly Father, so as to walk in Jesus's footsteps every single day, being Holy Spirit led, with the ULTIMATE GOAL of healing the sick, casting out demons, cleansing the leper's, and raising the dead on a regular basis.

With that ultimate goal in mind, I know that I have to stay on Jesus’s NARROW PATH, or it will never come to fruition.

What my ultimate desire achieves is that it keeps me FOCUSED on the Lord, and the daily promptings of the Holy Spirit within me. In addition, my ultimate goal keeps me listening to AND THEN OBEYING my heavenly Father’s voice to the best of my ability. It also inspires me to stay VIGILANT against Satan’s schemes to kill, steal and destroy, so that my heart can stay PURE.

So as Christians we truly need to ask ourselves, “What are my spiritual goals, and how am I going to get there?”

Otherwise you may just go to church on Sunday’s, maybe read your Bible occasionally, pray when there is a need, and maybe volunteer at church.

Instead, as followers of Jesus, we need to dream and desire BIGGER things. We need to strategize on how we can individually become CHANGE AGENTS for the Lord in this dark world.

Ask yourself some questions, “Do you want to love as Jesus loved? Do you want to be a beacon of truth as Jesus was? Do you want to shine Jesus’s light into this dark world? Do you want to be an effective witness for Jesus? Do you want to heal the sick? Do you desire the higher spiritual gifts, such as the gift of prophecy, and miracles, and healings, and speaking in tongues, as Paul suggests we all do? Do you desire to set people free from their prisons? Do you want to speak only truth from your mouth?”


What is it that you truly desire to do while you walk on this earth? What are your spiritual goals, and how are you going to achieve them?

Let Jesus dream big with you! Try to look beyond what you just want in your own personal life. And instead, look out into the world in which you live, and SEE what is needed to make this world better. HEAR what Jesus is personally calling you to do.

Take a close look at what Jesus accomplished on earth, as a HUMAN BEING, with Yahweh guiding him every single day through the Holy Spirit, and then desire to truly walk in his footsteps!!!

Jesus knew his mission on earth was to be a witness for his Heavenly Father!


The Bible tells us that our mission is to be a WITNESS FOR JESUS! Therefore, stop letting the world just take you wherever it wants to take you.

Instead, MAKE A MOVE ... MAKE DECISIONS ... STRATEGIZE! Come up with a roadmap of specifics of how you are going to become One with the Father and an effective and compelling witness for Jesus!

Then START WALKING in that direction, down that NARROW PATH, and you will find the ABUNDANT LIFE that you have been searching for!!!

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