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I went on a prayer walk in my neighborhood on 7/17/19. After I had lifted my entire family and extended family up to Yahweh to either receive Jesus, or encounter Jesus in new ways, I asked Yahweh whom he wanted me to lift up to him for prayer. He immediately replied “BABY JESUS.”

It took me a moment to realize who baby Jesus represented, and why God wanted me to pray for baby Jesus. I realized that baby Jesus represented the SPIRITUAL BABY or baby’s that have been either already BIRTHED out of my spiritual womb and need nurturing, or are still in my womb that need to be birthed, i.e. giftings, ministry, callings, dreams, fruits of the spirit, etc.

Baby Jesus represents me birthing EVERYTHING the HOLY SPIRIT wants to birth out of me, for the purpose of becoming an effective and compelling witness for Jesus, by becoming HIS hands, feet, and mouth to this dark world.

So I obeyed Yahweh's command and prayed for MY BABY JESUS.

While praying, I came upon two firework boxes along the road that each held many fireworks. Fireworks are used for the celebration of FREEDOM of our land from the enemy. One box was titled COURAGEOUS, the other, LAND OF LIBERTY. On the Land of Liberty Box were the words MAXIMUM IMPACT. So I continued praying for the baby Jesus being birthed out my womb to have maximum impact upon the people God brings into my life. I prayed for courage to do all that he asks of me.

After praying, I was so excited for my future of having maximum impact for Yahweh and Jesus’s kingdom.

I then crossed the road to MISTY COVE. Once on this road, the bugs started biting me and gnats were on my face and in my eyes. Mosquitos were buzzing in my ears. I realized that these pests represent the enemy, Satan and his demons, who gets in our eyes, ears, mind, heart, thoughts and emotions, in order to distract us from the Baby Jesus that wants to grow and develop within us. Our sight becomes foggy or misty. Our thoughts become confused. I therefore prayed that God would supernaturally protect me from these pests. I realized it was my soul, my mind, my will and my emotions (my freewill) that are the main enemy to my Baby Jesus from thriving.

Mary and Joseph physically had to remove Baby Jesus from Herod’s threat of wanting to kill him, after Herod found out that the Messiah had been born in Bethlehem. I realized I needed to recognize in myself, in my fleshly desires, in my freewill, what it is that is threatening Baby Jesus from growing and flourishing within me, and walk away from it.

I thought of Jesus’s 30 years of training before his ministry began, and I thought of all the QUIET MOMENTS he had with Yahweh, before God used him in the world for MAXIMUM IMPACT. I thought of how we need to do the same, so that God can feed us his Word and love on us, and tell us who we are to him. I realized that it in my quiet moments with my Lord that will grow Baby Jesus within me to maturity.

I finished praying that my baby Jesus would mature to 33 YEARS, like Jesus, to a place that I would be willing to lay down my life for mankind, regardless of the threats, abuse, and ridicule I may endure for the Gospel, just like my Savior did.

After arriving home, I sent my experience to a friend of mine, who I had prayed with the day before. After reading my experience, she remembered that she had a dream the morning we met. Her dream was of her donating her maternity clothes to Dr. Cleaver, a doctor she works for. In the dream she saw that her underwear was in the donated clothing. So she removed the underwear, as she knew it was used, and therefore no one would want it.

The day of my Baby Jesus prayer walk, God told my friend that she had indeed birthed a baby out of her spiritual womb, and that HE WOULD REMOVE the dirty unmentionables from her donation. He continued to tell her that her DONATION to his KINGDOM would help others in their pregnancies.

She then had a vision of a cloak of protection being placed over her. It was made of very fine gauze that she could see through. She knew after reading my experience that God was providing her with protection to keep the gnats and mosquitos and pests from getting to her eyes, ears and mouth. She knew that God was giving her protection from the enemy’s schemes to kill, steal and destroy her life.


The Holy Spirit, sent in Jesus’s name, has one mission, for God’s perfect will to be done in believer’s lives. The Holy Spirit is given to believer’s so that we can begin intimate and personal relationships with our Creator, Lord, and Savior, and so that we can become ONE with YAHWEH, in the same way that Jesus became one with Yahweh.

Jesus was placed in Mary’s womb for one reason…for Jesus to be birthed into this order to do the will of Yahweh on it is in heaven.

On the day we believe, we are impregnated in our inner being with the same Holy Spirit that impregnated Mary’s womb. We have been given the Holy Spirit for one reason…to do the WILL OF YAHWEH...just as Jesus did!

The Holy Spirit within us is the same Holy Spirit that conceived Jesus, and the same Holy Spirit that entered into the disciples. It’s time to allow the Holy Spirit to birth the fullness of Jesus from our spiritual wombs into this world. It’s time to be COURAGEOUS and fight for FREEDOM, so that we can make a MAXIMUM IMPACT in this LAND OF LIBERTY we call AMERICA and to all the nations of the world!!!

It's time to become the hands and feet and mouth of JESUS!!!

"Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus." Luke 1:30-31

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