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Eleven years ago my husband and I decided that we wanted to pay off our house in five years. We were tired of having debt, including our mortgage. We decided that we no longer wanted to owe anyone any money, so that no one would “own” us. So we prayed to Yahweh that he would help us in this endeavor.

At the time I had a prayer box. So I wrote out our prayer request on a piece of paper and I placed it in the box. On that day I wrote, “Pay off the house in 5 years.”

At the same time, God convicted us that we needed to start tithing 10% of our income to HIS kingdom. Over the years we had given small amounts of money to our church, individuals in need, and worthy causes, but we had never committed to tithing a set amount of our income monthly.

So from that day forward, we began making additional monthly payments towards our mortgage, and we started tithing 10%.

All was going well for about 6 months until unexpectedly my husband lost his job. Oh my goodness. What a shock that was. We had just started achieving our goals. Talk about an attack from the enemy!

Thankfully, another company miraculously hired my husband within 2 weeks. Thank you Jesus! However, with this new job, my husband’s salary was half of what it used to be. Because of a lower income, we were no longer able to make additional house payments. In fact, it was going to be difficult to just pay the minimum payment.

We were, however, thankful that Yahweh had provided my husband with his new job. Even though we could no longer pay more towards our mortgage, we were determined to still tithe 10%. After tithing for 6 months, we had already experienced some blessings that came with giving to God’s kingdom and wanted to continue.

After working at his new job for a year, my husband got hired by yet another company. With this new job my husband was blessed with making almost the exact salary that he had prior to losing his first one.

Yes!!! Once again we would be able to start making additional mortgage payments. Hallelujah! We were back on track! From our calculations, since we had already made 6 months of additional payments prior to my husband losing his first job, we figured we would need 4 ½ additional years before our house was completely paid off. That would be 6 years from our original prayer request. It still sounded good.

So … month after month, year after year, we continued to make additional mortgage payments AND we continued to tithe 10% to God’s kingdom.

Then out of nowhere, my husband was given a large bonus from his new company. The money was completely unexpected and really shouldn’t have been given to my husband in the first place, because he didn’t fit any of the requirements for receiving it. Again, we were in shock!

After shaking our heads with astonishment, we realized that the bonus amount was exactly what we needed to pay off the remaining balance of our mortgage. We couldn’t believe it! We finally had the financial means to make our dream come true.

On the day we paid off our mortgage we were so ecstatic. We did it! What a celebration!

We no longer owed anyone anything … EXCEPT gratitude to our Heavenly Father. We were so thankful for HIS help with our endeavor of paying off our house throughout the years.

For we clearly saw God’s hand in providing my husband with new employment, in a matter of only 2 weeks. And then again, a year later, we saw God’s fingerprint when my husband’s full salary was restored. We also saw our Heavenly Father’s undeniable provision in the bonus that my husband received, which allowed us to finally pay off the mortgage in one lump sum.

God had blessed us immensely, and for that we are eternally grateful!

But what God also showed us, after the miracle, is that OUR ACTIONS contributed directly to achieving the miracle. What God showed us is, that because we chose to do our part, he did his!

Not only did we have the discipline to make additional house payments, when we could have easily been spending this money elsewhere, but we also throughout the years had contributed to God’s kingdom purposes through our tithes. God showed us that even after my husband lost his job and we were unable to make additional mortgage payments, we chose to still give to his kingdom.

In other words, we made Yahweh’s kingdom a priority instead of our own!

We could have easily listened to the enemy’s lies telling us that we would be better off putting all of our extra money towards our mortgage, instead of tithing, because of our financial goal. But we didn’t listen. Instead we obeyed God’s wishes. I have often wondered if this was a test, directly from Yahweh, that he used to determine our commitment and love for him to tithe. I’m sure it played a part.

A few months after our miracle took place, I found my original prayer request about paying off the mortgage in 5 years that I had placed in my prayer box so long ago. Since I had dated my prayer request, I knew how long it had taken us to become debt free. From the original prayer request, only 4 ½ years had passed. I couldn’t believe it. Not only had we paid off our house, but also we did it 6 months earlier than our original goal of 5 years.

Now that is the power of tithing! Yahweh is so amazing. Because we decided to contribute to his kingdom financially, he contributed to our kingdom financially. And he did it sooner than expected, so that we would have no doubt who orchestrated it. God definitely wowed us!

God wants to wow you too! If you have yet to tithe to Yahweh’s kingdom, I pray that my story helps convict you that miracles do still occur when you give generously to your Lord and Savior’s endeavors.

Just try it. See what happens. Don’t listen to the enemy telling you that you don’t have enough money to tithe. We didn’t have enough money for a year, and yet we still tithed, and look at how God blessed our commitment.

So please ... consider tithing by starting today! You don’t have to start by giving 10%, just start with something. I promise you that you will never regret giving to God’s kingdom. Instead, you will be blessed over and over and over again, and one day you will say, “I don’t know why I didn’t start tithing sooner.”

The following Bible verse is what initially convicted us to tithe. It describes exactly what has transpired in our lives once we started over 11 years ago. Over the years we have reaped so many blessings that I don’t know why anyone would not follow this word of advice, and PROMISE, from our Lord and Savior.

“Bring the FULL TITHE into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. And thereby put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the WINDOWS OF HEAVEN for you and pour down for you a BLESSING until there is NO MORE NEED.” Malachi 3:10

If you decide to start tithing, know that the enemy will come and tempt you to spend your money elsewhere. When that temptation comes, I want you to remember my miracle story to help you stay on track.

Then be proactive, by declaring out loud, to the world and to Satan, “I am going to tithe to God’s kingdom, because MY Heavenly Father promises me through scripture that when I do, he will open the windows of heaven and pour down upon me blessings of all kinds. I am CHOOSING to tithe, and I WILL tithe from this day forward, so that I don’t miss out on the abundance God has for me. And you, Satan, will not stop me.”

AS A RESULT: Since we started tithing 11 years ago, we have been able to fully fund the building of individual homes for poor families located in 3rd world countries. Since God miraculously helped us with the full purchase of our home, we felt that purchasing houses for the poor seemed to be a fitting way to give back to his kingdom. By tithing to Food for the Poor, we have helped 8 families, or 37 individual souls, receive their miracle of being blessed with a sturdy concrete-block house, with a roof that doesn’t leak, a concrete floor, a door that locks, and an indoor latrine. All of these individuals previously lived in homes made out of scrap metal, cardboard, fabric, and mud, with dirt floors. These families were the poorest of the poor that have now been blessed to OWN a real building that they now call HOME! God is so good!

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