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Upon waking this morning Yahweh said, “A Fresh Start,” and gave me the scripture, “Numbers 7.”

God’s words this morning reminded me of what he said to me months ago, “LET us refresh EVERYTHING!” have everything in our lives refreshed. Now that would be a miracle of great proportions!!!

So how do we LET our Father Yahweh, his son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit refresh everything in our lives?

Numbers 7:89 gives us the answer:

“And when Moses went into the TENT OF MEETING (Moses’ secret place) to speak with the Lord, he heard THE VOICE speaking to him from above the mercy seat that was upon the ark of the testimony, from between the two cherubim; and it SPOKE TO HIM!

What this means is that every day you can have a fresh start, simply by entering into your secret place with the Lord and listening to his voice!

Over time of entering into your secret place with the Lord, by sacrificing your TIME to him, by listening to and obeying everything he shares with you, you will have ALLOWED your Heavenly Father to REFRESH EVERYTHING in your life!

When the Lord said to me, “Let us refresh everything,” while I was in my secret place, he accompanied his words with the freshest smell I have every smelled! The fresh scent was a mix of heavenly cleanliness, and fragrant flowers. The scent came over me in waves for 10 minutes straight!

So please enter into your secret place daily, with your Lord and Savior, and receive the heavenly refreshing you so desperately need!!!

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