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Life as Judy Jacobson knew it changed on the night she raised her hands in the air and said, “God, I want EVERYTHING the Holy Spirit has to offer! Don’t hold back!” She made this request with no agenda in mind. For the first time ever she truly surrendered her life to God’s will.

From that day forward EVERYTHING changed. Quickly, Judy came to find out that the Holy Spirit has a lot to offer. Over the next 6 years, God asked her to write a book about his divine name, start a prayer ministry called Hands on Healing Ministries, and teach Christians how to hear God’s voice.

Since working for God’s kingdom, Judy’s mind has been completely transformed and renewed. She is able to interpret God’s Word with clarity, she has a boldness to speak about Yahweh and Jesus to everyone she meets, and God’s voice has become very loud. Her life is now filled with peace, love and joy.

Judy’s mission in life is to teach Christians how to walk in Jesus’s footsteps, by forming an intimate relationship with their LORD and Savior.

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